How to Play Baccarat

By eHow Hobbies, Games & Toys Editor

Baccarat is a community game, where all players are concerned with the outcome of one hand only. Despite its simplicity - the object of the game is to get as close to nine as possible - baccarat is considered a glamorous game played by high rollers, princes and James Bond.

Lose your inhibition about entering the high-roller, cordoned-off baccarat area.

Get yourself a snack from the counter in the back of the room, if available. Casinos often provide sandwiches and cookies for the high-rolling baccarat players.

Sit down at the baccarat table. Take any seat available.

Ask the amount of the table minimum. Leave if the amount is too high; change your money into chips if it's acceptable.

Present your player's card to the pit boss.

Hear the dealer say "Shuffle" and watch the complicated interweaving of the cards.

Take the yellow cut card and cut the six or eight decks in half.

Watch the dealer place the shuffled cards in the shoe and remove one card.

Take the shoe, if it's passed to you, and pull out cards as instructed by the dealer.

Place your bet in the square marked either Player, Banker or Tie.

Listen as the caller says "Card for the player" followed by "Card for the banker" to indicate when you should pull a card out of the shoe. Listen as he repeats himself.

Count your money to be sure you were paid correctly - if you won.

Place your bet in the square marked either Player, Banker or Tie if you wish to continue playing.