How to Throw a Multiple Team Euchre Party

By eHow Parties & Entertaining Editor

Euchre is a card game that is generally played with four people who work together in two person teams. The only thing more fun than an evening spent playing Euchre with three of your closest friends is playing Euchre with 11 or 15 of your closest friends. Follow these steps.

Invite your guests to your party in multiples of four. Euchre is basically a four person game, and in order for the team rotation to work you must have full tables so that everyone has the same chances for scoring. Then set up a card table and 4 chairs for however many teams you will have. For example, if you invite 16 people you need four tables and sixteen chairs.

Make a large scoreboard out of a piece of poster board, and tape it on the wall so that everyone can review it during the evening. Make a row for each player and list his or her name. Then make ten columns as you will be playing ten games during the party. As each game or round is completed, designate someone to record the scores on the board and stand back as the competition heats up.

Assign numbers to each of your tables by writing it on a piece of paper and taping it to the center of the table. Mark two of the chairs at each table "Chair A" and the other two "Chair B." Then make markers that players will draw out of a hat. On the markers, write the table number and either the letter "A" or "B." For example, two markers will read "Table 1A" and two will read "Table 1B." At the beginning of the round, have everyone draw a marker and take their assigned seats. Once you sit down, you will see who your partner is for that round. When the round is completed, everyone draws again and gets a new seat and new partner for the next game.

Play begins using standard Euchre rules and points except that rather than ending the game when the first team reaches ten points, you play eight hands. Every player must deal twice to complete the game. If a re-deal is called, it does not count as one of the eight hands. Each table must play eight hands so that everyone has an equal chance to score points.

Record each individual player's score on the scoreboard after every round. Once ten rounds or games are completed, tally up the scores and award prizes to the top three players.