How to Make a Washer Board Game

By Stevie Kremer

A Washerboard Game is similar to a cornhole game, but instead of throwing bean bags, you throw 2.5-inch metal washers that have a one-inch hole onto a pine Washerboard that contains three holes. The holes, from front to back, are worth one, three, and five points. The first player (or team) to get 21 points wins. This is an enjoyable outdoor family game that is both cheap and easy to build. While the object, to pitch the washers in such a way that the points add up to 21, is simple, it takes practice to become skilled at the game.

Make two Washerboards by cutting a 0.5-inch thick pine board into two 4-foot by one-foot pieces. These will become the tops of the Washerboards. Make two 3.5-inch high frames of half inch thick pine and nail a top piece to each frame.

Make three 3-inch diameter holes in the top piece in this manner: measure 12 inches from the front (one-foot side) of the top piece toward the middle of the board. This marks the center of the first 3-inch hole. Make the same measurement from the opposite end of the top piece to mark the center of the last 3-inch hole. Find the center point between both these marks which will become the center of the middle 3-inch hole. Use a 3-inch core drill bit to drill the three holes in each washerboard, ensuring that each hole is the same distance from each four-foot side of the washerboards. Use sandpaper to smooth the tops of the washerboards as well as the edges and inside surfaces of the holes.

Drill a hole in the front (one-foot wide part) of each frame large enough to thread the rope through. Thread the rope through the hole in the front of the frame of the first washerboard and, inside the frame, tie a knot so that the rope cannot be pulled back out of the hole. Thread the other end of the rope through a similar hole in the frame of the second washerboard. Measure the rope before tying the second knot to ensure that the length of the rope between the washerboards is exactly ten feet.

Make a scoreboard by drilling two rows of 21 holes in a one-foot by four-inch piece of board. Each hole should be large enough for a golf tee to be placed into the hole easily.

To play, place the washerboards on a level surface with the rope, that guarantees consistent distance between the washerboards, stretched tautly between them. The first player stands beside one washerboard and pitches a washer at the opposite washerboard. He then pitches the second and then the third Washer, and is awarded one point if a washer goes into the hole nearest him, three points if the washer goes into the middle hole and five points if it lands in the hole farthest from him. He leaves his washers lay where they landed. The opponent takes over the same position as the first pitcher and tosses his washers one at a time toward the same washerboard as the first pitcher targeted. For the second round, the players move to the washerboard they were aiming at before and take turns pitching their three washers at the other washerboard, and so on.