How to Make a Fat Quarter Quilt

By eHow Hobbies, Games & Toys Editor

Fat quarters refer to cloth that's been cut into 18 inch by 22 inch blocks. They allow quilters to cut pieces larger than the usual 9 inch squares. The larger size can assume more various shapes, and can be used to create period quilts. Read this eHow to learn how to make a fat quarter quilt.

Choose the colors for the quilt. You can do subtle patterns, cute kid-inspired prints, florals or any other pattern you want.

Cut twenty 18-by-22 inch squares into 4 smaller squares. The pieces should be: eighteen 3 ½-by-16 ½ inch squares, twenty 6 ½-by-16 ½ inch squares, twenty 10 ½-by-10 ½ inch squares, and twenty 6 ½-by-10 ½ inch squares. Make four 3 ½-by- 3 ½ inch squares from one 3 ½-by-16 ½ inch strip.

Create an A square by piecing together a 10 ½-by-10 ½ inch square and twenty 6 ½-by-10 ½ square. Sew a 6 ½-by-16 ½ inch square to the top of the 2 smaller squares.

Sew a B square by following the same steps as above. Sew the 6 ½-by-16 ½ inch square to the bottom of the 2 squares.

Piece the quilt together by alternating squares. The top row will be A, B, A, B. The second row will be B, A, B, A and so on.

Stitch together the 3 ½-by-16 ½ inch squares to the sides and top. Use the four 3 ½-by-3 ½ inch squares for the corners.

Lay backing on the table and set the batting upon it. Lay the finished quilt over both layers, and pin or use basting stitches to keep everything in place. Be certain that all the layers remain even, and the corners remain square.

Quilt each block either by hand or with a machine.

Bind the edges with binding. You can buy binding at any sewing or quilting store, or you can make your own.