How to Make a Fabric Wall Hanging Organizer

By eHow Contributor

How to Make a Fabric Wall Hanging Organizer. Make a fabric wall hanging to help organize a room or work space, and even add some artwork to the wall. You can customize the number and size of the storage pockets to fit a variety of items, from toys to sewing supplies.

Step 1

Measure and cut two 8 1/2- by 18 1/2-inch patterned fabric pieces for the pocket fronts. Cut two pocket linings from the lining fabric that measure 12 1/2- by 18 1/2-inches.

Step 2

Cut a piece of stabilizer for the wall hanging backing that measure 18 1/2- by 24 1/2-inches of stabilizer for the wall hanging backing. Cut two 10- by 18- inch pieces for the pockets.

Step 3

Match the stabilizer to the back of the pocket pieces and pin it in place. Fuse the stabilizer and fabric together using the clothing iron, then sew a strip of lace along each pocket top.

Step 4

Place the plain fabric face down. Put the large piece of stabilizer on half the fabric and fold the fabric's other end over the stabilizer. Sew a secure stitch around the entire wall hanging organizer fabric to connect both sides.

Step 5

Mark where to place the pockets on the wall hanging. Mark for two 9-inch wide pockets on the bottom. Leave a 1/2 inch space in the middle then mark for three 6-inch wide pockets on the top.

Step 6

Pin the two 10- by 18-inch pieces of pocket fabric in place on the wall hanging and sew the organizer pockets according to the markings made in Step 5. Divide one pocket fabric into the bottom two pockets and divide the other pocket fabric at the top to make three pockets. Iron the organizer to fuse everything together.

Step 7

Add two 18-inch ribbons to the top of the fabric wall hanging organizer and sew them in place 8 inches from each end. Tie the ribbons to the decorative rod. Screw a hook into the wall on either end of the standard-size rod's wall position and put one hook in the middle to help keep the rod sturdy. Finally, place the rod on the hooks.