How to Make a Board Game

By eHow Hobbies, Games & Toys Editor

With a little creative thinking and the materials in your own house, you could make your own board games. Just follow these steps.

Make up a theme for the game. It could based on adventure, business, family life or something else. The object could be to reach a goal before the other players, or to eliminate them in some fashion.

Create the rules of the game. Write them down for your players to study.

Design the board on paper first. Decide how many spaces will appear on the board and what will happen on each space. Make sure you have an evenly divided number of good and bad things that happen on the board.

Make the actual board itself. You can use many dfferent types of materials, from cardboard and paper to finished wood and cloth.

Add the playing pieces. Small toys, figurines and pieces from other games can work. Make sure the pieces are noticeably different from one another.

Add the remaining objects and pieces. This includes dice, tokens, cards, play money and any other prizes included in the game.

Find a group of friends or family members to test out your new board game. Above all, make sure they have fun playing it.