How to Look Up Medical Diagnosis Codes

By Cameron Easey
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Medical diagnostic codes are used by hospitals and physican offices when sending a bill to a patient or to an insurance company. These codes correspond to a particular term or condition that is found in a database of International Classification of Diseases (ICD) codes, and are displayed as an alphanumeric code. You can look up these codes using the Internet.

View a Web Page

Go to the website and click the link for "2011 IDC-9-CM Volume 1" Diagnostic Codes.

Find the code that you need to look up from your hospital chart, a doctor's bill, a lab test result or other type of medical documentation for a doctor or physician.

Click the link for the range of codes that contains the code you need to look-up. Click on a link for the code you need.

Download IDC Information

Go to the Diagnosis and Procedures Codes at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services website (see Resources).

Click the top link for "Version 28 Full and Abbreviated Code Titles -- Effective October 1, 2010."

Click the "Save" button and download the file onto your system. Double-click the ZIP file to view its contents.

Double-click "CMS28_Desc_Long_Short_Sg.xls" to open the file in Microsoft Excel. Scroll down the list of codes to see a long and short description.

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