Game Instructions for Charades for Kids

By Lee Morgan
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Charades for Kids is a board game from the Pressman Toy Corp. that makes the classic game of charades easy for children to learn and play. This educational game will help children ages 4 and up express themselves by acting out a “charade” listed on a card in an attempt to get another player to guess the object or phrase they are trying to portray.

Game Contents and Set Up

Charades for Kids includes a six-sided die, a game board, two decks of charade cards and six mover pieces of various colors, according to Set up the game by laying the board out on a table and placing the number of mover pieces on the start symbol at the upper left corner of the board that correlates to the number of people playing the game. Separate the cards into two decks. Place all the cards with pictures only, for children not old enough to read, in one stack beside the board, and place all the cards with written words in the other stack beside the board. Have each child roll the die once. The results range from one to six. The highest number will play first and the play will rotate clockwise.

Taking Your Turn

Take your turn by drawing a charade card from one of the decks. Children old enough to read should only draw from the written card pile. Roll the die, and look at the card. There will be a list of six charades to act out. They are numbered one through six. Act out the one that corresponds to the number on the die, according to If the player is a very young child who is unable to read the charade cards, they should draw from the picture pile and act out the object they see in the picture. Act out the charade to the person to your immediate left. That person should get one guess only. If she guesses correctly, she will move her mover piece two spaces ahead on the board. You will move your piece one space ahead if someone guesses correctly. If the person to your left guesses wrong, move on to the next person. He will make a guess with the same results if he is correct, and the next person will guess if he is incorrect. If no one guesses the charade correctly, no pieces move and the next person to the left draws a card and takes a turn.

All Play

Throughout the game you may move your piece onto a space labeled “All Play.” When this happens your next turn will be slightly different. After drawing your card and rolling the die, you will act out the indicated charade to everyone around the board. All the players will guess out loud simultaneously, according to The first player to shout out the correct answer will get to move two spaces ahead, and the charade giver will move ahead one.

Winning The Game

A player wins the game by becoming the first player to reach the “finish” space on the board. The game ends at that time unless you modify the rules to play for second- and third-place finishes.