How to Fold a Bandanna Armband

By Michael Straessle
Bandanna Armband

To keep up with the ever-changing trends and fads, you might be interested in how to fold a bandanna to use as an armband. Styles of clothing, hair-dos, makeup, jewelry, and even colored contact lenses are a few of the trends that change often enough to keep you on your toes. The first impression on the mind when desiring to wear a folded bandanna on your arm is how to tie the crazy thing when one of your hands cannot reach the bandanna. But, before we can get to that point, we need to establish a good place to begin. A few key factors come into play when approaching this accessory. The first of which is how to fold the bandanna so it will not come apart after you have tied it around your bicep. If you have had any experience with bandannas at all, then this will not be difficult. Bandanna armbands are not just for the guys, though. The ladies like to wear them, as well.

Lay the bandanna flat on a smooth surface. Pull one of the corners into the center of the bandanna.

Pull the corner opposite from the one in Step 1 to the center, as well. Next, start from one of the folded ends of the bandanna and fold it in a 1-inch fold lengthwise toward the center. Stop as you reach the center of the bandanna.

Fold the opposite edge in the same fashion as Step 2. Finally, fold one of the edges over the other, resulting in a single 1-inch fold.

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