How to Do the Spell Magic Card Trick

By eHow Arts & Entertainment Editor
Do the Spell Magic Card Trick

The Spell Magic card trick is a trick that you have to set up before hand for it to work out correctly. As long as you don't skip a card or spell a word wrong, this trick works out perfectly when correctly set up.

Place the following cards on top of the deck face down in this order from top to bottom: 3, 8, 7, Ace, Queen, 6, 4, 2, Jack, King, 10, 9, 5. The three should be the top card and on down the line. It does not matter what suite the cards are.

Do a "Hindu Shuffle" with the deck by splitting the deck in half and placing one half in each hand. Quickly take the cards off the top of the deck in your right hand (held between your thumb and fingers) with the fingers of your left hand and place them in the palm of your left hand, which is lower than the original deck. Keep the cards in your left hand close to the original deck as you do so, which makes it appear that you are shuffling the deck.

Spell out the word "Ace" by taking three cards off the deck, one by one, and placing them at the bottom of the deck. Say the letters as you do so, "A, C, E." Then reveal the fourth card, which is the Ace and set it face up on the table.

Continue on to spell out the word "Two" in the same manner, then reveal the card after spelling the word, which is a 2 card. Set that card face up on the table.

Keep going on in this manner, spelling out all the numbers. When you get to the Jack and Queen, spell out "Jack" and "Queen."

Tell your audience that the last card you are holding is a King and reveal that card to them.