How to Display A Pottery Collection

By Julie Elle

Collectors know that there is more to their coveted treasures than simply amassing more and more. Collecting something can provide a hobby, encourage social interaction, serve as an investment and even provide home decor. The latter is especially true when the collection consists of something from the art world. Pottery is a common collectible and makes a noble addition to the home decor. Because pottery comes in many shapes and sizes, it can be intimidating to display a pottery collection. Overcoming the intimidation is a worthwhile endeavor because a well planned pottery display can become a stunning focal point in home decor.

Take stock of your pottery collection. Dig out every piece you have, even those forgotten pieces buried in the basement.

Clean it all up. Once you have it all of your pottery pieces out, use the opportunity to clean off all of the grime and dust that builds up while pottery is being stored.

Sort your pieces. You'll have a much easier time setting up your pottery display if you've taken the time to organize your pieces into categories. Assemble the categories in whatever way makes sense to your aesthetic preferences and the individuality of your varied collection. These categories will be the framework of your entire pottery display.

Choose a location for your pottery display. The best location is one that provides both wall space and a flat surface. The flat surface can be a table top, a single shelf or even a bookcase.

Look at the categories into which you've divided your collection. Which is the largest? This is the pile with which you should begin your display. Arrange all of the pieces from this largest pile as desired on top of your flat surface(s) and on the wall.

Pull all of the pieces from one of the remaining categories and add them to your pottery display. Consider all of this and all remaining categories of your pottery to be accent pieces to the display. As such, they should be placed so as to complement the pieces from the largest category that began your display.

Continue adding the rest of your collection to the pottery display by working with one category at a time. Once all of the pieces have been added to the display you can make decisions about pulling certain pieces out of the display, rearranging the pieces and adjusting as necessary until the display has the look you'd like.

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