How to Build a Rotating Spice Holder

By Kelvin Hayes

A rotating spice holder, also known as a "lazy susan" works by rotating a top circular platform over a stationary based using ball bearings. This type of spice rack is ideal for saving space and making the back of your spice cabinet easy to reach. These lazy susan holders can also be used on the dinner table to hold spices or condiments and make them easy to reach for any seat at the table.

Draw a circle that touches at least one edge of the birch plywood square. Complete this on both plywood pieces using the pencil and compass, ensuring the second circle is two to three inches small in diameter, as it will make the base of the finished product.

Clamp the hardwood piece to your work bench with 3 inches hanging over the edge. This hardwood piece will be the jig that enables you to make a perfect circle. Draw a line with the carpenters square 1 and 1/2 inches from the overhanging edge of the wood piece, width-wise. Cut down the line with the jigsaw, stopping 1 inch from completing the cut. Place a piece of double stick tape to the bottom of the jigsaw, slide saw into the cut you just made, pushing it to the dead end of the cut and stick to the hardwood -- creating a fool-proof circle jig.

Mark the center of the circle you've drawn on the birch plywood. Place the hardwood jig on top of the birch piece, bumping its mounted saw against the edge of the birch plywood. Hammer a nail through the hardwood and into the center of the circle. This will offer a rotating pivot point around the center so you can make a perfect circle. Cut the circles out of each birch plywood piece.

Press the wood edge banding to the edge of each birch plywood circle, set the iron to hot and press firmly on the iron as you work around the circle, melting the band glue onto the birch. Cut a diagonal seam with a utility knife, where the band overlaps.

Draw a vertical and horizontal line through the center of the circular base piece using the carpenter square and pencil. Locate the point where these lines intersect, indicating the center of the circle. Using this point, draw a small circle with your compass and ruler. This circle should be smaller than the circle of the ball bearing bracket, so you can center the ball bearing perfectly around this small circle. Screw the four corner screws of the ball bearing bracket to the top of the base circle.

Rotate the unattached portion of the ball bearing bracket a few degrees and drive the awl through one of the mounting holes. Drill through this awl mark and completely through the base piece using a 1/2 inch hole saw bit. This will serve as a view hole through which you'll be able to install the second side of the ball bearing bracket to the bottom of the main turn table.

Place the base bottom side up, on top of the face down main circle. Center the base and rotate it until the 1/2-inch hole lines up with one of the mounting holes that will connect the top circle to the bracket. Drill a screw through this hole and into the bracket. Repeat this on each of the four bracket holes to completely attach the two circles.

Place rubber stick-on feet on the bottom of the base to give the lazy susan spinning spice rack a stable base.

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