How to Build a Mourning Dove Nest Basket

By eHow Hobbies, Games & Toys Editor

Mourning doves can easily be enticed to your area. All you need is a tall tree that has lots of vegetation and a basket to nest in. The mourning doves will lay their eggs in the nest basket and care for their young. Follow these steps to learn how to build a mourning dove nest basket.

Trim the hardware cloth or wire mesh to a 12-by-12 inch square. Use tin snips for cutting these materials. For safety purposes wear goggles as wire can cut your eyes.

Create a circle from the trimmed piece of hardware cloth or wire mesh. To do this round the corners with the tin snips until a circle is formed. This will be the support for the mourning dove nest basket.

Cut a 2.5-inch wedge from the circular hardware cloth or wire mesh. The wedge should be shaped like a piece of pie.

Pull the edges of the circle together. Overlap the edges by an inch to form a cylindrical shape.

Fasten the edges with staples or wire. Fold over the top edge of the mourning dove nest basket. This will prevent sharp edges that can harm the mourning dove.

Locate a tree that is a minimum of 6 feet above the ground and that has lots of vegetation to hide the doves from predators. Place the mourning dove nest basket on a branch that has a "Y" shape and secure it to the branch with wire so it doesn't fall.