How to Become a Storm Chaser

By eHow Hobbies, Games & Toys Editor

Storm chasing has become popular with cable networks like The Weather Channel and movies such as Twister spotlighting this dangerous hobby. Storm chasers need a great knowledge base of weather science to be effective. Here are some tips on gaining the expertise to become a storm chaser.

Become a storm chaser by obtaining a sufficient grasp of weather knowledge and science. A storm chasing tour can be a good way to get started. This will introduce you to the equipment, costs of fuel, food and accommodations required to be a storm chaser.

Take a storm spotter course with your local branch of the National Weather Service. This course teaches you how to report storm data and the hazards of storm watching or chasing.

Become a storm spotter after taking the SkyWarn course mentioned above. You can learn the ropes of storm chasing by becoming a mobile spotter. Mobile spotters are responsible for traveling in a defined location and reporting weather conditions to local emergency and weather service agencies.

Report the conditions of a storm to aid in proper notification. Spotters and chasers help forecasters using radar or satellite imagery with warnings by reporting the local conditions of a storm. For example, if radar signifies a tornado, a spotter/chaser is contacted for information to confirm a funnel cloud sighting.

Learn how to use amateur radio equipment. This is a necessary communication device in remote areas and for chasers in cars. Cell phones are not a reliable method of communication. You must obtain a license to operate a radio.