How to Find Antique Cameo Jewelry

By Terri Deno
An antique cameo pendant.

Antique cameo jewelry can be a wise investment. A cameo on jewelry is typically the profile of a woman, but cameos can depict men, mythical figures and small scenes. Antique cameos relief images carved from shell, glass and stone materials. The cameo is then affixed to a pendant, ring setting, or pin. These cameos were often created by Italian artisans and not mass produced until the 20th century.

Search for antique cameo jewelry at antique stores. Call ahead to see if a particular antique store carries a selection of jewelry.

Look for antique cameos at a flea market. Flea markets are a good resource when you want to work within a budget and have room to negotiate the price.

Check out estate auctions for cameo jewelry. Many estate auctions include lots for jewelry. Depending on the age of the estate, an antique cameo could be included in the listings.

Search online for antique retailers and auctions sites. Websites such as eBay and provide plenty of antique cameo pins, pendants and bracelets.

Consult an antique jewelry dealer. These dealers will help you locate a specific type of cameo and get a good price for it. They also offer appraisal services to determine the value of antique cameo jewelry.

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