How to Write Trivia Questions

By eHow Hobbies, Games & Toys Editor

Trivia games are about as prevalent at bars as beer mugs and salted nuts. Trivia is fun and challenging, and trivia games are a great way to raise money for a charity or just pass the time having fun. Host your own trivia night and get your friends laughing, talking and thinking by writing your own trivia questions. Read on to learn how to write trivia questions.

Determine your audience. You might be writing questions for a bar full of baby boomers or a student union full of college kids. You want people to be able to relate to your questions.

Decide on six to eight question categories. The options are nearly limitless, from "TV Shows of the Eighties" to "Exotic Animals" to "Famous Inventions."

Consider the number of questions you want in each category. Usually, 15 to 20 questions per category are enough.

Research each of your trivia categories on the Internet to find fun, quirky facts. Keep a list of these facts in a word-processing file, so they are all in the same place when you are ready to write.

Write questions based on the facts you discovered in your research.

Classify all of your trivia questions as "easy," "moderate" or "challenging." Make sure all three difficulty levels are equally represented.

Test your questions on friends. If they all get an answer right away, you may want to make the question a little bit trickier. Similarly, if a certain question stumps everyone, you might want to revise it.