How to Set Up a Cribbage Tournament

By Pamela Gardapee

Playing cribbage is a favorite pastime in many establishments. It is nice to offer cribbage tournaments so that everyone can enjoy a good game of cribbage and maybe win the first place prize, which is usually money or a trophy. It does not take much room to plan a cribbage tournament. Running a tournament for cribbage is easier than running tournaments for other games such as pool, darts and poker elimination.

How to Set Up a Cribbage Tournament

Collect an entry fee, which will cover the prize for the first and second place winners. The entry fee amount will depend on the size of the prizes to be awarded. Set up the tables with a cribbage board and a deck of cards on each table.

Sign up two players to a team. Cribbage tournaments can be set up using five to ten tables. There should be at least ten teams and up to twenty teams of two players to play a cribbage tournament. Make a chart with all the team names. The first two teams will play each other. The third and forth team will play each other and so forth down the line.

Match up the winning teams to play the second round. Finishing teams will move onto the second round if they win the game. The losing team is eliminated from the tournament. Finishing teams from the second round that win will be scheduled to play the third round of cribbage. The losing team is eliminated from the tournament. The third round will start with the winners left from the second round matching up with another winning team. .

Continue playing and eliminating teams until there are only two teams remaining. Depending on the amount of teams that are signed up, this could take about three to four hours. The last two teams will match off against each other. The winner will be the tournament winner.

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