How to Sell Old Masters Silver Flatware by Towle

By Elton Dunn
Old Masters Silver Flatware, Towle
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Towle Silversmiths have been making flatware since the 1700s, and their Old Masters line is still made today. If you plan to sell your Old Masters flatware, first figure out if it is considered antique or current. This will determine the selling price. No matter how old your Towle flatware is, whether you've got a full set or a couple of pieces, you have many sales options available. Investigate several different markets before you commit to a buyer.

Step 1

Find an appraiser on the American Society of Appraisers website who can examine your Old Masters silver flatware and determine when it was made. Set an appointment or, for a less expensive appraisal, take several photographs of your Towle silver and email them to the appraiser.

Step 2

Organize, count and clean your Old Masters flatware. Gently rub the silver with a rag that's been dipped in silver polish. Write down all the different pieces you have. You'll use this list later when selling your flatware.

Step 3

Discuss the appraised value with the appraiser so you know why your silver is being valued at a certain price. Ask if she knows any potential buyers.

Step 4

Compare your collection to others by looking for Towle pieces being sold on or other flatware sites. sells discontinued and current flatware by the piece and usually has many Towle pieces.

Step 5

List your pieces on

Step 6

Contact silver dealers or antique shops who might want to buy the flatware. Let them know what pieces you have.

Step 7

Sell individual pieces on an auction sites such as Set a minimum bid to ensure you get a certain price. If you have a just few pieces--nowhere near a full set--this might be a good strategy for you.

Step 8

Take your silver to a consignment shop or a jeweler who will buy it for the silver value if your Towle flatware is new enough to not have a very high resale value.