Rules for Pass the Pigs

By Jessica Reed
Rules for Pass the Pigs
Photo by Holly, Available through CC License

"Pass the Pigs" is a game of chance for two or more players. To win the game, each player, or team of players, must roll two plastic pigs to earn points. The first person or team to reach 100 points is the winner.

Roll the Dice

The two plastic pigs included in the "Pass the Pigs" game are marked on one side with a black dot. Roll the two pigs at the same time onto a flat surface.


When the two pigs land, compare their positions to the scoring chart. The scoring chart lists all possible positions the pigs can land in, and tells you what happens when you roll that specific position.

Tracking the Score

One person is appointed the "swineherd" and writes down the score for each player after every roll.


After you roll, you may keep rolling or end your turn. If you keep rolling you could earn more points, but there are certain rolls that will end your turn and cause you to lose points.

Losing Points

Rolling a "pig out," where both pigs land on their sides with only one of the dots facing up, means you lose all the points you earned during that turn. Rolling an "oinker," in which both pigs are touching, means you lose all the points you earned for the entire game.

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