How to Remove Scotch Tape From Postage Stamps

By Jeremy Cato
Scotch tape, a postage stamp, it
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Due to the fact that most modern stamps are self-adhesive, there is little reason to ever use Scotch tape with a postage stamp. Scotch tape can damage the surface of a stamp and make it unusuable for postage and worthless to a collector. If you have a stamp that has a small amount of scotch tape stuck to it, you can save it if you quickly work to remove it.

Fill the saucer with cool or room-temperature water. The water should be at least 1/4 inch deep.

Place the stamp with the tape in the saucer and submerge it.

Allow the stamp to soak for at least 30 minutes, monitoring it closely to ensure the ink does not run. Most stamps are made with ink that is not water-soluble.

Remove the stamp from the water after 30 minutes. The tape should be visibly separate from the stamp. Use the tweezers to remove the tape completely.

Place the stamp between two pieces of blotter paper or fold it up in the washcloth. Place the weight on top and allow the stamp to dry. The weight prevents the stamp from curling up.