Value of a Buffalo Bill Cody Stamp

By Tom Streissguth
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The two Buffalo Bill Cody stamps issued by the United States post office commemorated one of the most famous figures of the Old West. But stamps are valued by their rarity, not their interesting subject matter, and on this point the stamps may fall short.

2869b Description

The first Buffalo Bill stamp was issued as part of the "Legends of the West" series, a four-color stamp that appeared on a sheet with 19 other portraits and western images. Collectors know it by the catalog number of Scott 2869b.

2177 Description

The second Buffalo Bill stamp is the Scott 2177. This stamp was issued as a definitive stamp, meaning the production of the stamp was unlimited. It is a monochrome, head-and-shoulders portrait of Cody in light brown on a white background.

Value 2869b

The 2869b stamp has a "catalog value" of 50 cents. To earn catalog value, the stamp must be clean, free of damage and uncancelled.

Value 2177

The 2177 Buffalo Bill stamp has a catalog value of 20 cents. However, this stamp is still circulating and can still be used for postage and so has minimal collector's value.

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