How to Program Icom Radios

By Patrick Nelson
How to Program Icom Radios
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Icom transceivers have memory channels used to store radio frequencies and the associated repeater information. The operating frequency, the duplex direction with an offset frequency, the sub-audible tone encoder, the tone squelch (and other tones) and skip information can all be programmed into a memory channel. You’ll need to get the required information from your repeater operator or radio club before starting the programming.

Step 1

Push the "VFO" (Variable Frequency Oscillator) button. This button will change the frequency.

Step 2

Set the frequency you want to store. At the same time, you will set the other data-like repeater information. Press "H/L/Set" for one second and the radio will enter set mode. Press “Tone” repeatedly until “rT” appears, then rotate the dial to select the sub-audible tone you need. Push "VFO/Clear" to exit the set mode.

Step 3

Press “Tone” again until “OW” appears and rotate the dial to the required offset. Press “VFO/Clear” to exit.

Step 4

Verify that the frequency you want is still on the screen and press “S.MW” for a brief moment. “MR” should flash on the display.

Step 5

Rotate the dial to the channel you want to use to store the frequency and its associated repeater data.

Step 6

Press “S.MW” for one second to program the radio. “MR” will stop flashing and the frequency will be programmed at the channel you chose.