Instructions for a Dynam 6-CH RC Helicopter Airplane Flight Simulator

By Howard Altman
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The Dynam 6-CH RC Helicopter Airplane Flight Simulator plugs into a PC's USB port to use in conjunction with a RC flight simulator program. The six channel controller is set up for aileron/rudder/elevator/throttle control for airplanes and tail/nick/roll/pitch control for helicopters. The additional channels are for retractable landing gear on airplanes and collective pitch on helicopters; not all flight simulator programs support these options.

Install your flight simulator software, Dynam recommends FMS (Flying Model Simulator) software because it can be downloaded from the web for free.

Plug the controller into an available USB port; the plug is keyed so it can only be inserted in the correct orientation. A red light will flash inside the USB connector when you plug it in correctly.

Start the flight simulator software. Configure the software to use the Dynam controller by selecting the controls pull down menu. This pull down is common to all major flight simulator programs. If your program does not have a controls pull down, refer to the manual on how to set or change controller settings.

Select analog controls from the menu and then joystick interface from the sub-menu. This will allow you map and calibrate the controls. On the mapping screen use the following settings for airplane use; rudder is channel 4, elevator is channel 2, aileron is channel 1 and throttle is channel 3. For helicopters set the tail to channel 4, nick to channel 2, roll to channel 1 and pitch to channel 3.

Test fly an airplane and helicopter to see if you need to reverse any of the controls; use the "Inv" check box on the mapping screen to reverse the actions. You can also set "exponential travel" on in the mapping screen. Only use this function if you are already familiar with the concept and have the exponential feature on your RC transmitter.

Calibrate your Dynam controller by following the prompt on-screen. Re-calibrate the controller when you switch from one model to another.

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