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Cell phone photography presents new and sometimes complicated problems when importing photos. Basic cell phones that include cameras are primarily meant for picture messaging, and don't include obvious connections to a computer. Transferring photos on a basic cell phone involves using e-mail capabilities most users aren't aware of. Smart phones with e-mail programs and Internet access have a desktop software component to synchronize with the computer. Use that program to transfer your photos.

Importing Photos From a Basic Picture Phone

Navigate to the media/photo area of your phone and access your saved photos.

Select a photo and select the option to send it via a MMS picture message.

Enter your e-mail address in the "To" field. By default your phone will enter numerical values in this field. Change the entry method to enter an e-mail. In most phones look for the button below the "123" option. Press the button and select "Abc," then type your e-mail as you normally would in a text message. Carriers maintain an Internet gateway for SMS/MMS, it allows you to send e-mails to and from your phone.

Send the picture message. You can now import the picture from Apple Mail into iPhoto.

Importing Photos From an iPhone Using iPhoto

Plug the iPhone in and wait for iPhoto to load. You'll have to download the photos using Image Capture if you don't have iPhoto.

Click the pictures you want to import. If you want to import them all, continue to the next step.

Click "Import Selected" to import the photos you selected, or click "Import All" to import all the photos on your iPhone. This will not reimport photos you transferred to your iPhone via iTunes.

Importing Photos From an iPhone Using Image Capture

Open the "Applications" folder and run the "Image Capture" program.

Plug in your iPhone.

Click your phone in the device list on the left side of the window. To import selected pictures, click the pictures you want to import.

Click "Import" to import the pictures you selected, click "Import All" to import all the pictures on your iPhone. This will also import any pictures you transferred onto your iPhone from iTunes.

Importing Photos From a BlackBerry

Plug your BlackBerry in.

Run "BlackBerry Desktop Manager" from the "Applications" folder. It may open automatically if you have previously selected this option.

Open "Finder" and click the BlackBerry icon in the "Devices" section on the upper left area of the Window.

Open the "BlackBerry" folder, then the "Pictures" folder. You can copy the pictures from your BlackBerry by dragging them from this folder into any location on your Mac.

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