How to Program a BCT8 Uniden Scanner

By William Pullman

Uniden BCT8 scanners allow users to listen to radio-to-radio communications. The scanners are often referred to as police scanners, as many hobbyists enjoy listening to law-enforcement communications. The scanners also pick up communications between other emergency personnel, such as firefighters, and personal communications between two or more parties, such as truck drivers. The BCT8 allows users to program up to 250 of their favorite frequencies for easy recall.

Press the "PVT/HWY" button until "PVT" appears on the LCD screen.

Select the channel you want to program by pressing "Hold/Resume," scroll through the channels with the up and down arrow buttons until you find the channel and pressing "Hold/Resume" a second time.

Enter the frequency you want to save by pressing the corresponding numbers on the keypad. You need to enter the decimal point in the proper location by pressing the decimal point button. If you make a mistake, you can delete a number by pressing the decimal point button repeatedly.

Save the frequency by pressing the "E" button.

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