Working Together Games for Kids

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Teaching children to work together can build their social and communication skills. Use a few supplies and creativity to provide games that teach children the importance of cooperation. Games that have children working together are perfect for youth groups and classrooms. Awarding game winners with small prizes can entice the children to try their best.

Knot Rope

Divide the players into groups of six and give each team a long rope. Tie a knot about every 3 feet in the rope, making one knot per player. Have each player place her hands on both sides of a knot. When you say, “Go,” the teams must race to untie their knots. The only trick is they cannot let go of the rope to untie the knots. The first team to get all of its knots untied wins the game.

Keep the Balloon Up

Have the players split into groups of four or five players. Tell them to stand in a circle and give each team an inflated balloon. The teams must hit the balloon in the air to each other without letting it touch the ground. After one minute, add another balloon to each group. Keep adding a balloon every minute to each group. The teams must work together to keep all their balloons in the air. If a team allows one of its balloons to touch the ground, it is out of the game. The last team remaining wins the game.

Team Minefield

Scatter cones, hula hoops, foam blocks, balls and other soft items on the ground. Divide the players into even teams and give each team a blindfold. When you say, “Race,” each team will put the blindfold on one player and his team must guide him through the minefield by verbal communication only. If he touches an object, he must go back to the start line. The kids will learn it is best to have one player help guide him to the other side. After he makes it to the other side, he must take off the blindfold and run it back to another player on his team. The first team to get all of its players across the minefield wins the race.

Marshmallow Towers

Divide the kids into groups of four of five. Give each group a package of spaghetti noodles, a bag of small marshmallows and a bag of large marshmallows. Tell the teams that their goal is to build the highest tower they can using only the items provided. Set a timer for 30 minutes. When the timer goes off, the team who has the tallest standing marshmallow tower wins the game. If a team’s tower falls while building, it can start over at any time before the timer goes off.