Free Word Games to Print

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Word games are commonly available in physical form from retail stores and shops that specialize in board games. The Web provides another source for individuals who are able to print out different types of games like word searches, crossword puzzles and more. These websites often provide printable word games at no charge.

Wuzzles & Puzzles

Wuzzles & features over 1100 printable games that include math, maze and word games. Word search games cover different subjects like astronomy, dogs and even books of the Old Testament. Mumbo Jumbo games let players unscramble words and phrases, and Mad Gabs have players interpret common phrases from similar-sounding ones. Wuzzles provide visual clues for players to decipher words. Each game can be printed directly from the browser.

Surfing the Net with Kids

The Surfing the Net with Kids website provides a varied list of printable crossword puzzles and word scrambles. Subjects include historical subjects such as Anne Frank and Martin Luther King, Jr. and contemporary films like the "Harry Potter" series. Word ladders are also available, letting players change words by swapping out one letter at a time. Each game is kid-friendly.

Family Fun

Disney's Family Fun website offers word searches, scrambles and Fill-Them-In Tales that let players fill in random nouns, verbs and adjectives for humorous results. The games are tailored to different holidays, environments and events for use at any time of the year. Each game is rated by users of the website, permitting players to choose their puzzles while viewing other players' responses.


The features word games that can be printed or used in browsers. "Printable Activity" games are marked on the "Word Games" page. Word searches, fill-ins, crossword puzzles and mixed word puzzles are available. Each game is intended for noncommercial or educational use, and all are appropriate for users of any age.