"Wizard of Oz" Crafts

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"Follow the yellow brick road...", "We represent the Lollipop Guild...", and "There's no place like home..." are just a few memorable lines from the movie, "Wizard of Oz". It's a movie that has transcended time. Generation after generation have viewed this movie and fallen into the fantasy of Dorothy and her friends. The movie has such vivid imagery that it is no wonder people choose to emulate it through birthday parties, plays and Halloween costumes. With some imagination, you can also find many crafts that tie back to the movie.

Toilet Paper Roll Characters

Make your own "Wizard of Oz" characters out of household materials. Dltk-kids.com provides a free printer template (see Resources) that can be attached to a toilet paper roll to create your own Dorothy, Glinda, Tin Man, Scarecrow or Lion characters. Print the template of choice, make it your own by coloring it in, cut out the pieces and then glue the large rectangle to the toilet paper roll. Glue on the rest of the body parts and fold the feet at the dotted line.

Glinda's Wand

Glinda, the Good Witch of the East, had the most beautiful, glittery, flowing, pink gown and a wand to match the grandeur. Kids can pretend they are Glinda by making their own stunning wand. Paint a dowel rod with silver paint, this will be the base or stick part of the wand. Using a piece of craft foam, cut a star shape out for the top of the wand (you can use a star cookie cutter to help with the shape or a stencil.) Apply hot glue to the foam star and attach it to the dowel rod. Tie a couple pieces of ribbons to the the base of the star and decorate the star with glitter pens or glitter glue.

Field of Poppies

One of the most intriguing scenes in the "Wizard of Oz" movie is when Dorothy is lulled to sleep in a field of poppies. Recreate the beauty of that field by making your own field of flowers -- sleeping spell need not be included. Hang a large piece of mural paper on the wall and make your own flowers by painting them directly on the paper or balling up tissue paper and gluing it to the paper. To make it more realistic use only the colors orange, red or salmon for the poppies, as the movie depicted. Add green stems and a bright blue sky to finish the scene from the movie.

Tissue Paper Lollipops

The "Wizard of Oz" movie isn't just about Dorothy and her struggle to get back home. It's about imagery, fantasy and child-like scenery -- Castles, Munchkinland, good witches and bad witches, fields of flowers and the famous Lollipop Guild. Children can pretend to be part of Munchkinland by making their own lollipop craft. Cut a large circle, about 5 to 6 inches in diameter, out of cardboard or poster board. Cut sheets of rainbow-colored tissue paper into 1.5 to 2-inch squares. Place glue on the cut-out circle, then wrap the small tissue squares around the tip of your finger or a pencil eraser and put them into place on the lollipop by pressing down firmly and removing the pencil or finger. Place the tissue colors in a swirl-like pattern to create the look of a colorful lollipop. Attach a dowel rod as the stick.


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