Winter Wood Crafts

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Making your own winter crafts can add delight and whimsy to any holiday decor. Spruce up your winter displays or give these as gifts. Wood crafting provides a media for making your own decorations that are long-lasting and personalized. These winter wood crafts can be made from items found at your local craft store or even from things you have around your house. Children and adults will enjoy creating these wood crafts.

Wooden Snowman

Pick up three wooden balls at your local craft store in small, medium and large. Use wood glue to glue them together to make a snowman form. Once the glue dries, paint the snowman with white craft paint. While the paint is wet, sprinkle the snowman with white glitter. Glue small black buttons on for the snowman's buttons and eyes. Orange felt will make a carrot nose, and a bit of red ribbon tied around the neck makes a scarf. Use black paint to create a dotted mouth, and fashion a hat out of black felt.

Wooden Clothespin Reindeer

Pick up brown chenille pipe cleaners, googly eyes, red pom poms and clothespins from your local craft store. Bend the pipe cleaner in half and twist it in the middle to keep it folded in half. Bend the two halves in a stair step pattern to create reindeer antlers. Hot glue the antlers to the inside of clothespin toward the top. Glue two googly eyes side by side. The reindeer will look a bit cross-eyed as the clothespin is narrow, but this just adds to the cuteness. Glue a red pom pom on the end. Add a magnet to the back or simply clip it to the tree branch as an ornament.

Wooden Ornaments

Your local craft store will have a large selection of winter shaped ornaments around the holidays. Decorate the ornaments with craft paints, glitter, jewels, ribbon, buttons, pipe cleaners, yarn, pom poms, stickers or even paper and glue. When your ornament is finished, spray it with clear lacquer to help preserve it for years. These wooden ornaments are a simple craft for children to help with and make great gifts for grandparents.

Wooden Craft Stick Penguin

Paint a jumbo wooden craft stick black. Paint a smaller white oval on top of the black for the penguin's stomach. Glue two small googly eyes toward the top of the painted stick. Cut out two orange triangles and glue them to the bottom for feet. Cut a small orange triangle for a nose. Glue it under the eyes, pointed side down. Cut a strip of green felt for a scarf and tie it under the nose. A green triangle with a small orange circle on top makes a stocking hat. Glue it right above the eyes.


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