How to Win at Ring Toss Bottles

The reason large prizes such as video game systems, iPods and large stuffed animals are offered as prizes at carnival and boardwalk ring toss games is that they aren't easy to win. It might appear like a simple task to toss a ring onto a bottle neck, but those bottles are packed tightly together, increasing the surface areas your ring can bounce off of. The trick to winning at this game is to throw it with the ring remaining flat as it flies, slightly above the bottle tops. This way as it drops, it can "ring" the bottle top.

Stand sideways with your front foot against the barrier of the playing area. Place your back foot parallel to your front foot, about shoulder length distance apart from the front foot for good balance.

Pick up one of the rings and curl your first finger around the outside of the ring.

Rest your thumb on top of the back end of the ring, applying light pressure to the top of the ring.

Position your throwing hand at a level that is an inch above the top of the ring toss bottles, with your arm extended.

Flick your wrist quickly. This will result in the ring flying in a path that is parallel to the ground and the tops of the bottles; as it starts to drop it will have the ability to circle the top of the bottle without dropping at an angle that would hit the side of the bottle and cause it to fly off the bottle.


  • Do not add an arch to your toss, this will cause the bottom of the ring to hit the bottle first and make it bounce off the bottle before it circles the top of the ring toss bottle. The tighter the rotation on your ring, the higher likelihood it will fly parallel to the bottle tops.


  • Pay attention to any rules regulating how far you can extend your hand when tossing the rings. Passing this limit will disqualify your toss if it is a winner. Extending too far will also result in the ring having an uneven flight path, increasing the chance it bounces off the bottle.