What to Write on a Save the Date Invitation

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A save-the-date card is an important part of your wedding process, especially if you have many out-of-town guests, are planning a destination wedding or are getting married at a busy time of year. A save-the-date card gives your guests key information about your pending wedding: most importantly the date and the place. They are sent out anywhere from a year to four months before the wedding, and can be sent to everyone or just the guests that need time to make travel arrangements.

Key Decisions

Three key things must be decided before sending out save-the-date cards: your guest list, a venue and a date. Once these three pieces fall into place, you are ready to send out the cards. You must ultimately send an invitation to anyone you send a save-the-date card to, so make sure your list includes the people you plan on including. Decide if your wedding is going to be formal or informal so that the save-the-date card can reflect the feel of your wedding. This is the first piece of correspondence your guests will receive about your wedding and you want it to set the proper tone.


As with most modern wedding traditions, the wording is up to the couple. According to etiquette expert Peggy Post, the traditional wording is: Please save the date of Saturday, July 3rd, 2010 for the wedding of Leigh Dempsey And Matt Niles Invitations to follow If you want to use more formal language, you would spell out the full date and year, such as the third of July, and use the bride and groom’s full names.

Other Options

You can always go 21st century and send out an email save-the-date notice. This is your most informal option, but many modern couples enjoy the ease of just hitting send. In collecting your mailing address list for invitations, it's always wise to collect email addresses too, so that you can correspond in an immediate way with your guests if necessary.