What is the Strongest Pokemon Card?

Lugia EX - Image from Pokemon-Cards.net

Pokemon is all about finding the strongest cards and executing the best strategy to win against all challengers. To do that, a Pokemon player should have the strongest possible cards and few are stronger than Lugia EX. Examining Lugia's story, strengths and attacks are critical to becoming the best Pokemon player in the league.


Lugia EX is a legendary flying Pokemon usually found in the Unseen Forces (105/115) booster packs, though it can be purchased separately either online or at hobby shops throughout the country. Lugia EX can be identified by the portrait of Lugia on a dark, tempestuous background.


Lugia EX has 100 hit points and is considered a basic Pokemon, meaning it can begin the game right away, as long as you have the appropriate energy cards to attach to it. Lugia also takes three energy types to perform its attacks: fire, water and electric.


Lugia EX is easily the strongest Pokemon because of its attack and its "Silver Sparkle" ability. When attacking, Lugia EX uses Elemental Blast, which causes 200 HP of damage on the defending Pokemon, enough to wipe out almost any other Pokemon in a single hit. If Lugia EX is struck, the attacking Pokemon loses one of its energy cards, which is then returned to the opposing player's hand, thanks to its Silver Sparkle ability. Taken together, those two powers make Lugia EX almost invincible.


It is important, however, to consider the weakness of Lugia. Psychic attacks do double damage against Lugia EX, making him vulnerable to Alakazam, Abra, Kadabra, and other psychic Pokemon. If you suspect a player might have a Lugia EX card, it makes sense to stack a deck with at least some of these psychic types to (hopefully) take Lugia EX down. Lugia, however, is resistant to Fighting type moves, taking a mere 50 percent of the damage from their attacks. Therefore, Machop, Machoke, and other fighting types which are normally very effective mainstays in a Pokemon arsenal are vulnerable to a player with Lugia EX in his deck.


Because Lugia EX is extremely rare, as well as extremely powerful, many Pokemon collectors are actively seeking it. As a result, the average retail price for a Lugia EX card is $80 for the one card. Conversely, a starter deck of the Unseen Forces deck retails for around $15, though there is no guarantee of a Lugia EX card within any of these decks. Additionally, booster packs are available for around $4 to $5, in which Lugia EX may also be found.