What Is the Significance of the Red Carpet?


Whenever you watch an award ceremony or you watch the news where the President is entering or exiting a building, there is a red carpet laid out. A red carpet is used frequently for all types of award shows, music ceremonies and dignitaries.

Honorary Treatment


The red carpet is a sign of honoring the guest or guests that are entering a building or an event. Commonly used at award shows, the red carpet is where all the stars and guests stand for fans and photographers to see them. Being on the red carpet places them separate from everyone else.



The term receiving the red carpet treatment means exceptional hospitality and service. The red carpet shows respect for the people it has been laid out for. Many restaurants lay out the red carpet to the entrance of the establishment as a way of welcoming patrons. A red carpet gives an air of upper class service and amenities.

To Lead In A Direction


The red carpet was used by train stations, and that is believed where the current use began. Train stations would place a red carpet on platforms so passengers would know which section of the train to enter.



Red and purple have always been a sign of royalty. Palaces and castles have used red carpets for centuries to lead to the thrones of kings and queens. It is also a sign of admiration.



The red carpet has also been a symbol of luck and good fortune. Since the people who walk on the carpet are prosperous, admired and honored, such a carpet has good fortune attached to it.


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