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What Is the Meaning of Green Candles?

Candle colors have been associated with certain aspects of life for centuries. Some green candles are associated with holidays because they correspond to traditional holiday colors. At other times, green candles impart a spiritual meaning.


Wealth and the abundance and success that are associated with the color green are traditional meanings of candles of this color.

Candle Magic

In Wicca and other pagan religions that use candles in the practice of magic, green candles are used in magic spells to attract money, employment or other material success. The color is also associated with the Earth.



In Kwanzaa celebration, three green candles are used as a part of a display. The green candles are used to symbolize life, the future and the Earth. This candle color is placed on the right side of the candle display.



Because new spring growth is often bright green, this color has also come to symbolize nature and new life. Green candles are often used in nature magic because of this meaning.



Tied into nature and new life is fertility. Green candles are burned to symbolize a wish for children and enhanced fertility.

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