What Is Kosher Candy?

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Remaining kosher, following certain dietary restrictions that make a food clean or unclean in the eyes of Jews, is a major part of Judaism. These restrictions pertain to every aspect of their culinary tradition, even candy.

Animal Products

Any animal products, such as gelatin, from non-kosher animals automatically makes the candy non-kosher. Only if milk is readied according to kosher laws can it be used in kosher candy.


If ingredients are coming directly from Israel, they must be tithed to be used in kosher candy. Tithing is the process of removing a little over 1 percent of the product, reciting certain passages from the Torah, and discarding the removed portion.



Any equipment or utensils that have been used for non-kosher foods cannot be used in making kosher candy. As soon as intended kosher candy touches a non-kosher tool, it automatically is no longer able to be consumed by those following Jewish dietary laws.



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