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"Mary Had a Little Lamb" is a simple nursery rhyme that beginner piano players can learn. It requires only four notes and it’s not necessary to read music to be able to play the song. "Mary Had a Little Lamb" is in the key of C which means that all of the notes played are white notes and no black notes are played. If you want to look at the sheet music you can find electronic versions from websites such as Sheet Music Direct.

At the piano find the pattern of two black keys followed by three black keys. Place your thumb on the white key directly in front of the first black key in the set of two. This note is called C.

Rest your fingers on each of the next white keys in a row. Your index finger will be on D, middle finger on E, ring finger on F and pinky finger on G.

Press your middle finger down once, then index finger, then thumb, then index finger, then press your middle finger down three times.

Press your index finger down three times, then middle finger, then press your pinky finger down twice.

Repeat step three.

Press your middle finger down once, then index finger twice, then middle finger, then index finger, then thumb to complete the song.

The whole pattern of the song is as follows: E D C D E E E D D D E G G E D C D E E E E D D E D C.


  • You can play the song higher or lower by starting at a different set of keys. You can play a C chord at the beginning of each phrase with your left hand by pressing down the C, E and G keys all at the same time.