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What Are the Causes of Acne on the Jaw Line?

Several factors cause acne to ocur on the jawline.
Image by Fotolia.com, courtesy of Claudio Calcagno

Acne can cause pain and embarrassment. While a breakout can happen anywhere on the face, neck or back, there are certain reasons for it to occur on the jawline.

Oily Skin

Sometimes skin is extremely oily on the chin and neck areas. The sebaceous glands mix with skin oils and dead skin cells that clog up pores. If any bacteria is present, acne is the result. The jawline and chin are a prime area for this combination to occur.


Hormones are one of the greatest contributors to acne breakouts and yet so often overlooked as a culprit. Women especially have fluctuating hormones because of the menstrual cycle. When hormones surge, they create a lot of oil which leads to acne. For people who already have oily skin, this can affect their jawline in particular.


Clothing and garments worn near the neck and chin, such as turtlenecks, jackets, sweaters and scarves, may cause irritation. It does not have to be a specific fabric, but any article of clothing that clings to the skin around the neck for a long time can encourage acne breakouts around the jaw.

Leaning on Hands

This is a habit that many of us do not notice, but does contribute to jawline acne. Leaning on your hands while watching television, reading or studying can introduce bacteria onto your skin. This may cause new breakouts and aggravate existing ones.

Head Gear

Items such as helmets, headbands, head straps and chin straps may cause acne around the jaw. Wearing these things as part of a sports team, for work or participating in a hobby may perpetrate your acne breakouts.

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