What Are Good April Fool's Jokes?

While jokes are played on a daily basis, April Fool’s Day is a prankster’s national holiday. Choose jokes that people will never see coming, but get a good laugh out once the prank is revealed. Make sure you keep your jokes tasteful and respectful so you don’t offend anyone. Use everyday house supplies or office equipment to play the ultimate April Fools’ joke on your husband, children, friends or coworkers.

Edible Jokes

Use food and beverages to carry out your April Fool’s Day jokes. Take your son’s apple and plant a worm inside of it. Poke a hole in the apple, and plant a candy gummy worm inside the apple. Ask your son what’s in his apple when he goes to take a bite. Play a milk prank on your son when he goes to pour himself a bowl of cereal. Use food coloring to change the color of the milk, which is harmless.

Office Jokes

Trick your coworkers, boss or employees this year. Act like you forgot what day it is, to make your jokes even more believable. Follow proper workplace etiquette when playing April Fool’s Day jokes in the workplace. Use your phone system to play a prank on two coworkers. Conference call each individual at the same time. Both coworkers will pick up the phone and argue over who called whom. Invisible ink is another joke to use in the office. Dip all your office assistants’ pens and pencils into clear nail polish. Watch your office assistant go through every writing utensil on her desk to find one that works. Use nail polish remover to remove the nail polish once you reveal the prank.

Computer Jokes

Use your computer or laptop to play tricks on your husband while he’s getting ready for work, or once he comes home for the day. Turn the brightness control all the way up, and the contrast all the way down to make your husband think his computer screen has gone blank. Confuse your husband by changing his computer’s homepage. Once he logs in, he’ll wonder if someone has been tampering with his things. Change the language used on his computer. When your husband goes to search something in Google or any other search engine, that information will appear in a language he’s unfamiliar with. Change his language settings back once your prank is over.

Traditional Jokes

Play some traditional jokes on people this April Fool’s Day. Trick your friend into thinking she’s found some dollar bills or spare change on the ground. Plant fake money on the ground and watch your friend get excited when she picks up the money. Yell “April Fools’” when she realizes the money isn’t real. Make people think you’ve forgotten your coffee on the top of your car while you drive to work. Get an empty coffee cup and tape magnets to the bottom of the cup. Attach the coffee cup to the top of your car and get a good laugh out of all the people who try to get your attention as you're driving.