Wax Paper Leaves Craft

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Create a collage display using fall leaves, wax paper and crayons. Wax paper leaves craft projects are a way for children and adults to celebrate autumn weather. An adult should assist a child with any wax paper leaf projects.


Collect a variety of fallen leaves to use for the wax paper leaves craft project. The leaves should vary in color, size and shape. You will also need crayons, a crayon sharpener, wax paper and an iron.


Wash the leaves gently with water and let them air dry. Place the dried leaves in a large book to press them flat. Select the leaves you'll use for your project.



Place the leaves on a sheet of wax paper. Use the crayon sharpener to make crayon shavings. Place the shavings on the wax paper around the leaves. Cover with another sheet of wax paper. Have an adult iron the wax paper under a sheet of newspaper. Hang the leave project in a window.



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