Watermelon Crawl Line Dance Instructions

watermelon image by Henryk Olszewski from Fotolia.com

In 1994 the song, "The Watermelon Crawl," was released by Tracy Lawrence as a part of his album that was entitled, "No Ordinary Man." The song soon gained a line dance that was performed on many country music dance floors across America. This line dance spans forty counts and is made up of a fairly simple pattern of dance steps. You should be able to learn "The Watermelon Crawl" by investing a little time and effort in practicing the steps.

Counts 1 To 8

Tap toward your left foot with your right toe for count one.

Tap your right heel toward your left foot for count two.

Begin a cha-cha-cha step with your right foot. You'll quickly step right-left-right for this step, which will span counts three and four.

Perform the same steps that you did for the first four beats, but this time, begin with your left foot. These repeated steps will cover counts five through eight.

Counts 9 To 16

Step - kick beginning with your right foot for the next two counts (nine and 10). This means that you'll step forward with your right, followed by a low kick with your left foot.

Step back with your left foot for count 11.

Tap your right toe behind you for count 12.

Repeat the sequence for counts nine through 12 in order to perform counts 13 through 16.

Counts 17 To 24

Perform a grapevine to the right, meaning that you will step right with your right foot, followed by stepping behind your right foot with your left foot, and stepping right again. Then bring your left foot back next to your right to finish the sequence, which will cover counts 17 through 20.

Perform the first three counts of the grapevine to the left for counts 21 through 23.

Finish the last step of the left grapevine with a quarter turn to the left as you scuff your right foot to the floor next to your left.

Counts 25 To 32

Perform a large forward step with your right foot for count 25.

Bring your left foot back up to your right with a forward slide on counts 26 and 27.

Stomp or clap on count 28.

Perform a large backward step with your left foot.

Bring your right foot backward toward your left foot by sliding it on beats 30 and 31. Finish beat 32 with a clap or stomp.

Counts 33 To 40

Alternate knee bends, beginning with your right knee, for counts 33 through 36.

Take a step forward with your right foot on count 37.

Make a half turn to the left so that you're facing the opposite direction for count 38.

Shift your weight to your left foot and step forward on your right for count 39.

Finish the last count of the dance by making another half turn to the left so that you are facing the opposite direction again.