Wacky Outdoor Games for Teams

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When planning an outdoor party, social event or family gathering, keep your party guests entertained by creating some wacky games to play. Play wacky games in teams with children and adults. With a few supplies, a creative imagination and some wacky game ideas, you have everything you need to get the games started. Encourage everyone to participate in the wacky games by providing prizes to all game winners.

Wacky Relay Races

Divide the players into two teams and have them line up at a starting line. Mark a line 25 feet from the starting line and place a cone on this line. When you say “Go,” the players must hop to the cone and then run backwards back to their teammates. The players must tag the next player in line who must do the same thing. The first team to finish the relay race wins the game. For other wacky race ideas, have the players crab walk, bear crawl, hop on one foot or skip.

Wacky Baseball

Have the players divide into two teams and play this game on a baseball diamond with the same rules as baseball. However, create a wacky bat by duct taping a large beach towel around a bat and using a beach ball as the baseball. Players can throw the beach ball directly at players to tag them out. The first team to score 15 points wins the game. For another variation, use a beach ball instead of a kickball in a game of kickball to create a wacky game.

Wacky Water Games

Fill two plastic swimming pools with water and empty out two bags full of marbles into the water. Place two empty pie pans by the side of each swimming pool. Divide the players into two teams and have them line up. When you say “Race,” the first players in each team line must race to the swimming pool and find a marble using her feet. The player must place the marble in the pie plate. After that, she must run to tag the next player in line who has to do the same thing. The first team to complete the race wins the game. For another water game, give each team 10 water balloons and have them stand in a single file line six feet apart from one another. The teams must pass all 10 water balloons down their team line. If they pop a balloon, hand them another one. The first team to pass all the water balloons down their team line by tossing them to one another win the game.

Wacky Obstacle Course

Make an outdoor obstacle course using lawn chairs, boards, tires, ropes and plastic swimming pools. Show the players how to run through the course. Divide the players into even teams and have each team run the course. Use a stopwatch to time each team and the team with the best time wins the game.