VBS Moses Craft Ideas

VBS is short for Vacation Bible School. During VBS children hear stories from the Bible, make crafts to remember the story, play games, sing songs and eat snacks. Most VBSs plan their crafts and activities around a theme.

Sock Moses

Make a basket from a brown paper lunch bag. Just cut the brown lunch bag down so that it is only two inches high. Now you need to make baby Moses to put inside of it. You can do this with a sock. Fill the toe of a white or tan sock with cotton. Then twist it to separate the head from the body, or secure it with a rubber band, and proceed to filling the body. Have the children use markers to draw on a face and maybe a little bit of hair. Place baby Moses in the basket. Use a small square of fabric to cover up the baby's body so that you only see the head. You now have a complete baby Moses in a basket.

Ten Commandments

Give each child two pieces of off-white or tan construction paper. Instruct them to cut the tops off so that they look like half of a circle. Place the two pieces next to each other and tape them together. You will need to tape them down the middle in the front, and then in the back. Have each of the ten commandments printed out for each student. As you go over each one, have the students add the commandment to the tablets. You will need to glue a total of five commandments on each tablet.

Toilet Paper Moses

Give each child a cardboard toilet paper roll core and have them paint the top a skin color such as peach. Now drape brown felt around the cardboard toilet paper roll so that only a small piece of peach is showing in the front. The felt is Moses' clothing and the peach is his face. Glue the felt in place. Pull apart some cotton and glue it on as Moses' hair. This includes a beard and a mustache. You can paint in the other features such as eyes, nose, and mouth. Now take a pipe cleaner and bend the top over so that it looks like a staff. Glue this to the right side of Moses' robe. Cut out a small tablet from a piece of construction paper and write one of the commandments on it. Glue this to the left side of Moses' robe. Cut out two small circles to represent Moses' hands. Glue one to the edge of the ten commandments and one to the edge of the staff. Let the glue dry, and you have your very own Moses.