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Value of Rose Quartz

Use sets the value of rose quartz.
A Crystalline Quartz and Iron Gem Rock Sample. image by daseaford from Fotolia.com

Quartz is the most abundant mineral on earth. Rose quartz is simply composed of silicone dioxide and gets its rose color from trace elements of titanium, iron or magnesium impurities. Colors range from a soft rose pink to a deep rose color. Rose quartz, the state mineral of South Dakota, is mined for decorative purposes, and its value is contingent on how it is used. Within the United States, most rose quartz is mined in Arkansas. Brazil has long been a world supplier of rose quartz.


As a semiprecious gemstone, cabochon cuts that are convex, rounded and polished without faceting are often used to create jewelry with rose quartz. In mass-produced jewelry, most of the value of a piece is the silver or gold used in the setting. In custom jewelry, the design and creativity of the artist is what commands a high price, at times hundreds of dollars, for rose quartz jewelry.


Tumbled rose quartz pebbles and stones are used to create paths and provide ground cover within gardens. Large boulders in rose quartz are also marketed as architectural accents and as the building elements for rock gardens. Most of the cost in this application of rose quartz is energy related---the cost of mining and transporting the rose quartz to you.

Interior Tiles

Tumbled or polished, rose quartz is a striking tile for interior walls and surfaces. Promoted as a gemstone tile, size determines pricing. The tile manufacturing process is the primary cost of goods with rose quartz tiles.

Home Accessories

Small statues, chess set pieces and decorative accents are sometimes produced in rose quartz. The detail and workmanship of these pieces establishes their value. A beautifully carved figurine can easily price at a $100 or more.


Feng Shui and holistic practitioners are among those who promote rose quartz for its healing properties. Feng Shui beliefs are that it reduces mental stress and stabilizes mood and emotions. Holistic practitioners associate rose quartz with the fourth chakra, matters of the heart. Presentation and instructions are the primary cost when rose quartz is purchased for spirituality. A velvet bag filled with rose quartz pebbles can be purchased for under $10.

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