Uses for Dried Rose Petals

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Saving petals from favorite garden roses or bouquets received for special occasions is fun and easy to do. But once you have collected a store of dried petals you may find yourself looking for ways to enjoy them besides watching them collect dust. Keep dried rose petals stored in an airtight container, away from bright light until you decide the best use for them.

Potpourri and Sachets

Dried rose petals can be mixed with other dried flowers or natural objects, such as lavender flowers, small pine cones, cinnamon sticks, fronds of cedar, sea shells or stones to make a fragrant and visually appealing potpourri. A few drops of rose essential oil will enhance the scent of the mixture and refresh the potpourri when the natural scent fades. Rose petals mixed with other dried flowers and placed in small sachet bags can be hung in the closet or tucked into drawers to scent clothing and repel moths and other insects.

Bath Salts

Dried rose petals can be combined with sea salt, Epsom salt or kosher salt and used as a fragrant, muscle-relaxing bath treatment. A cupful of salts is adequate for an average-sized bath. They can be dissolved directly into the water or placed in a muslin bag that closes with a drawstring, if you prefer not to have rose petals floating in your bath water.


Candles, wreaths, lampshades, homemade greeting cards and picture frames are just a few of the items that can be embellished with dried rose petals. White craft glue works as an adhesive for most surfaces, but thick or "tacky" glues may be needed for slick surfaces. A candle or picture frame adorned with rose petals makes a romantic accessory for your home as well as a thoughtful gift.


A trail of rose petals leading to a romantic setting leaves no doubt about your intentions. Advantages of using dried petals instead of fresh is that they are easy to vacuum up, they do not stain fabrics, and dried petals are available all year round. A handful of dried rose petals placed in your sweetheart's coat pocket is a nice way to say "I love you." Dried rose petals make attractive and useful packing material when giving a small, romantic gift.


Dried rose petals are useful for filling the flower girl's basket or scattering along the sides of the aisle. Vases filled with dried petals are useful as centerpieces, alone or with candles placed in the center. Guests can toss dried rose petals at the happy couple instead of rice.