Uses for a Pine Cone

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Pine cones have a variety of decorative and practical uses, from tabletop designs to holiday décor and a snack bar for birds. Collect pine cones when they drop in the fall, or purchase them from craft stores to create artistic home décor and craft projects. Leave the cones in their natural state, or embellish them with paint, beads, glitter and ribbon.

Tabletop Decorations

Pine cones add a natural touch to any tabletop. Create centerpieces for an autumn table by grouping several pine cones on a glass candle tray. Glue the base of the cones to the tray using hot glue to keep them upright. Add holly berries or a silk flower garland to add color to the display. A pine cone also makes a decorative place card holder for your dining table. Select small, conical shaped cones for each place setting. Brush clear-drying craft glue onto the tips and then roll the cones in glitter or colorful seed beads. Glue a place card to the top of each pine cone with hot glue.

Holiday Decorations

A pine cone’s conical shape easily translates into holiday decorations that resemble a miniature Christmas tree. Paint a pine cone with green spray paint, and then ring the outside tips with silver glitter glue to mimic garland on a Christmas tree. Glue 4-millimeter crystal beads onto individual tips, behind the garland, to resemble lights or ornaments. Tie a strand of ribbon to the top and hang the pine cone trees on your holiday tree, or include them as part of a holiday village display.

Exterior Home Décor

Create a decorative wreath with pine cones and ribbon to hang on the outside of your home. Cover a wreath frame with exterior ribbon; floral pins or floral tape will hold the ribbon in place. Attach the pine cones to the front of the wreath with waterproof adhesive. Embellish the wreath with a bow made with outdoor ribbon. Create a lighted pine cone garland using long, thin pine cones. Attach the pine cones to a length of thick rope with craft wire to make the length of the garland. Wrap a strand of outdoor twinkle lights around the length of the pine cone garland and drape it along your deck or over a garden arbor.

Bird Feeder

Pine cones can also be useful as bird feeders for your back yard buddies. Spread peanut butter between the rows of the pine cone needles and on the tips of the needles. Roll the pine cone in bird seed; the seeds will stick to the peanut butter. Wrap a strip of wire around the pine cone stem and hang the bird feeder from a tree limb.


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