How to Upload Raw Images

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If you have a Digital SLR camera, then chances are your camera is capable of taking photos in the RAW image format. There are several advantages to taking photos in the Raw format including increased photo-quality, and more extensive post-capture editing capabilities. With so many Raw format extensions in use by camera manufacturers, however, it can be difficult to determine how to upload your Raw images to your PC from your camera. With the proper software you can be viewing your Raw photos on your computer in no time.

Software Setup

Download Raw Therapee for Windows from the software homepage. Be sure to download the full build and not an un-compiled version.

Run the Raw Therapee setup file and follow the on-screen instructions to install the software to the desired directory on your computer.

Insert your camera's memory card into your memory card reader (or you may be able to use your camera's USB cable and keep the memory card in your camera) to access files.

Raw Upload Process

Using "My Computer", browse to the memory card folder containing your Raw files (file extension will vary depending on camera manufacturer).

Open a new "My Computer" window and create a new folder in the directory where you wish for your Raw files to be located. Name this folder whatever you like, and go back to the folder for your memory card.

Select the files you wish to copy to your PC (Hold SHIFT or CTRL as you click to select multiple files). Press CTRL + C after you have selected all files.

Click back on the window for your newly created folder on your PC and press CTRL + V to paste the images into this folder. When this process is done, you have uploaded your Raw files to your PC. To share these photos with others and to upload them to the web, you will need to use the Raw Therapee software to convert the files to JPEG or TIFF format.

Raw Conversion Process

Run the Raw Therapee software (a DOS command window may appear first, followed by the Raw Therapee GUI window).

Use the file browser (in the far left column) to browse your computer folders and locate your Raw files. Right-click on the photos you want to convert and select "Put to processing queue".

Click on the "Batch Queue" tab at the top of the window. Choose an Output Directory to hold the new files to be created.

Click "Start Processing" and allow the software to complete the conversion process. When complete, you have photos that can now be uploaded to the Internet and shared with family and friends.

Things You'll Need

  • DSLR camera
  • Raw Therapee (Windows software)
  • Memory card reader


  • To edit Raw files, Adobe Bridge is a great program that also keeps all your photographs organized on your computer.