Unusual Crafts to Make

When you need a quick craft project or find yourself stuck inside on a rainy day with nothing to do, consider making an unusual project to impress your friends. Use these tips and ideas to kick-start an idea that could turn into a fashionable, off-the-wall accessory. From jewelry to birdhouses, let loose and experiment to personalize your craft projects and show off your wacky side.

Subject Matter

A seemingly ordinary craft becomes something unusual when you use a nontraditional subject matter. For example, when you think of crocheting or knitting, you might picture sweaters, scarves or hats that usually feature solid colors or patterns. To create a piece that no one will forget, choose an uncommon subject. Make a hat with a picture of a rubber duck on top, or better yet, attach an actual rubber duck. Create a scarf shaped like soda cans joined together at the top by creating colored squares, with a row of the silver at the top and bottom. Use a yarn needle to weave black yarn into the scarf, spelling out your favorite soda brand.


Crafts can be quirky even when the subject matter seems ordinary. Examine collections of odd materials in your home and use them in your projects. If you're making a birdhouse, bend an old license plate to function as the roof instead of using wood. If you have a large collection of soda cans, make an airplane out of them. If you collect beer caps, use them to decorate a mirror or picture frame. Create mosaic tabletops and stepping stones using tiny odds and ends found around your house instead of tiles. Create a playing surface for a younger boy by pressing green toy soldiers into a clay tabletop while it is drying. Any flat material, such as a plain lampshade, is the perfect surface to attach unusual pieces for an easy, quick craft project.


Jewelry making provides a world of opportunities for unusual and creative projects. From necklaces to earrings, you can create jewelry using any theme you can think of. Earrings are simple to make with an earring kit that includes hooks and pins to attach to beads or charms. Safety pins, zipper pull-tabs and soda can tabs all have holes that allow them to be turned into earrings. Use fingernail polish to paint or decorate these metal objects, then create earrings or string them together for a bracelet. Find smooth plastic headbands and glue your favorite items onto them to create a decorative fashion statement.