Ukulele Chords: E & F Major

By Daniel Bissell ; Updated September 18, 2017

E major and F major are common ukulele chords used in blues progression. Learn how to play E and F major on the ukulele with tips tips from a ukulele player in this free music lesson video.

About the Author

Daniel Bissell has been a professional theater actor for over four years. He has a genuine love of the ukulele. Daniel is self-taught and carries with him a binder filled with hundreds of songs transposed for the four stringed ukulele. He has trained with Improv Nashville and is a current member of Troupe93 and The Fusebox Theater Company. Daniel has directed and written two films showcased in the Nashville Independent Film Festival and has performed with several local bands. He teaches a children's cartooning class and he's also written plays and sketches for stage productions. Daniel Bissell loves puppets, video games and the ukulele.