Types of Paper for Making Cards

Avid greeting card makers are always looking for perfect papers to make cards with. An entire industry is devoted to providing a wide variety of blank cards and beautiful papers for card artists.

Card Stock

Card stock is the most popular paper for card making. This paper comes in a wide variety of colors, textures, metallic and premium quality packs.


Mulberry, foil, Japanese and linen papers give rich texture and color to handmade cards projects. These are the more expensive papers and are appropriate for experienced card makers.


Gorgeous cards can be made by embossing and coloring parchment paper with pencils. The paper is on the stiff side so it must be folded precisely.


Vellum is a transparent paper that can be used for inserts along with embellishments such as punched flowers and shapes. It is offered in many colors and prints.


Origami paper can be folded and shaped into beautiful cards. There are many patterns available for cards with folded centers and embellishments made with the versatile paper.


Handmade papers come in many texture and colors. You can make your own paper from fibers, recycled paper pulp or natural ingredients such as flower petals.


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