Trojan Horse Crafts

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Trojan Horse crafts can be a fun way to reinforce lessons on Greek literature, military history or even an educational April Fools’ Day craft. Tell students the story of the Trojan Horse and how the Greeks used it to defeat Troy during the decade long Greek/Trojan war before introducing any of the crafts. For older students, read them the account from "The Iliad."

Papier Mache Trojan Horse

Create a papier mache Trojan Horse. Use boxes for the body, neck and head and paper towel or toilet paper cardboard rolls for the legs. Tape them together in the shape of a horse and then cover it with papier mache. Mount it all on a platform with wheels made from clay. Paint the horse. If you'd like, put a slit in the top and a hole in the bottom and use it as a coin bank.

Trojan Horse Puzzle

Have students draw a picture of a Trojan horse onto pieces of craft foam. Let them be as detailed as they like, including drawing a background. Then have them turn the piece of craft foam over and draw lines in the shape of puzzle pieces. Let them cut out the foam along those lines so they have their own hand-crafted Trojan Horse puzzle.

Popsicle Stick Trojan Horse

Provide students with Popsicle or craft sticks and have them make a three-dimensional Trojan Horse model. You can show them examples or let them be creative and come up with their own designs.

Trojan War Mural

Tape a long piece of butcher paper to the wall from a roll of paper and give each child a section of the paper. Let students work on it one or two at a time and create a mural that tells the story of the giving of the Trojan Horse in panels. Alternatively, have students do this outdoors with chalk on squares of sidewalk and then take pictures of the chalk drawings.